“There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend:
Those who learn by reading, and those who learn by seeing.”

My personal mission in life is to help Excel Pros to enjoy more meaningful and rewarding careers – both for themselves and for the organizations that employ them.  That may sound cheesy but it’s the absolute truth.  I even left my CTO job at my last company so that I could pursue this full time, without distraction.

There are many components to that mission, but it all starts with education. It is the foundation for everything that follows.

Accordingly, I spend at least half of my time on teaching – via this site, the book, and onsite training in particular.  I’m also co-authoring a second book with MrExcel – PowerPivot Alchemy.

But I’ve learned that not everyone can pick up a book to learn new things.  Many people (myself included, actually) have to be shown things instead.

So what about the “Show Me” People?

Are you more of a “show me” person than a “read a book” person?  If so, until now, the only thing I’ve been able to offer you is onsite or remote training.  Those are both great, but I can only train one group at a time, and the price is too high for some organizations.

I’ve long wanted to provide a visual, dynamic class, with hands-on “follow along” materials, that can reach a much broader audience.  And now that is finally happening.

PowerPivot Course, Taught by Yours Truly, Delivered at!

I’m thrilled to announce that my PowerPivot video course launches August 1st!

Fill out this form to be notified with more information, or click the link below the form:

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(And yes, Microsoft recently renamed “PowerPivot” to be “Power Pivot” – a nightmare for people like me with the name “PowerPivot” in print about one kazillion times Winking smile)

Why via

In short:  experience counts a lot.  Chandoo has taught many thousands of people to be “Awesome at Excel,” and I wanted to leverage his expertise.  This way, my class will benefit from his careful review and guidance, and therefore be of the best possible quality.

Just like when I wrote a book really – I can’t imagine having done that without MrExcel looking over my shoulder and answering millions of my questions.

How does it relate to the book?  Or to Chandoo’s other PowerPivot class?

It’s been a charmed summer – hanging out with Chandoo and MrExcel, formulating plans Smile

We have two collective goals:

  1. Provide everything you need, end to end, in order to become awesome at PowerPivot/Power Pivot.
  2. Allow you to learn in the way that works for you – via a book path or via a video path – while still covering everything required for goal #1.


Note that the 3-Book path (light green) and the 2-Class path (dark green)
each cover everything, end to end (click for larger version)

So hopefully, the plan here is pretty clear, and also helps you see where the Alchemy book fits in – I’ve selected more than fifty of my favorite techniques that I’ve learned over the past 3+ years.  None of those techniques was covered in my first book, but they comprise the second half of my video course and make up the bulk of the Alchemy book.  Choose your weapon Smile

And you don’t even really need to strictly choose “book path” or “video course path,” since Chandoo’s Level 1 course includes a digital copy of my first book, and my Level 2 course will include a digital copy of Alchemy (once Alchemy is released).

Why Choose the PowerPivotPro/MrExcel/Chandoo Family for Your PowerPivot Education?

Yes, there are other classes out there, and there are other books.  But you may notice most are taught/written by BI organizations.  If you’re a BI Pro, those options are great.

But the three of us are all Excel people, through and through.  We teach/write in the same down to earth style in which we ourselves would want to be taught.  So if you’re not the kind of person who dreams in MDX today, I think you’ll flourish in the “PMC” educational program.

So please join us.  Register for notifications – I’ll repeat the form and link here – and look for more details later this week or early next.

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Rob Collie

One of the founding engineers behind Power Pivot during his 14-year career at Microsoft, and creator of the world’s first cloud Power Pivot service, Rob is one of the foremost authorities on self-service business intelligence and next-generation spreadsheet technology.

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  1. Can’t wait for the course. Have spent the last two years getting users on to the database applications and getting business processes streamlined.

    To date have resorted to tricky excel spreadsheets, wonky VB scripts and now views and stored procedures on the sql box. Great to learn those skills but I think dax and time intelligence will unleash the beast! (Arrgh financial years starting in July!) I have salivated over power pivot a couple of times but avoided implementing to power end user reports because of needing SharePoint to refresh the reports. I need to refresh on that side of it – we have a ‘basic’SharePoint implementation on the way.

    I have the first book on the shelf waiting for me and as soon as I get a handle on excel services (if I’m recollecting right) then we have a small army of managers to change from paper and spreadsheet shufflers into strategy makers. I have nearly all of your posts flagged in my email. Will try to find some low hanging fruit among them!

    Thanks for your dedication and passion. See you on the other side.


  2. Hi Rob, will the Alchemy book support Excel 2010 PowerPivot? All the blurb online at Amazon refers to PowerPivot and Excel 2013 – is there much difference with regards to the new book? I have a copy of your first book and have just successfully downloaded and finally installed (delayed due to admin rights issues) PowerPivot on my work PC for Excel 2010 but it will be a long time before we move to 2013 on our work systems. Thanks.

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