Start 2016 By Meeting Us At Upcoming Conferences!

Start 2016 By Meeting Us at Upcoming Conferences!

Hi folks!  I hope everyone got some rest over the holidays, because 2016 is on like Donkey Kong.  Personally I could use another month to recuperate from all of that recuperation – I ate, drank, and traveled way too much, which made the holidays resemble my road warrior routine that wears me out during the year.  Next year it’s gonna be all salads, sushi, exercise, and relaxing over the holidays…  yeah, that’s the ticket.  But yeah, the year has started…

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Restructure Your Data Table For Improved Compression

Restructure Your Data Table for Improved Compression

I was relaxing during my vacation thinking some more about column compression in Power Pivot.  One of the main things to know about compression is that a high level of cardinality is your main enemy (ie a large number of unique values will mean poor compression).  I started to think about how I could reduce the cardinality of one or more columns in a large data table I use for a client.  This blog covers the process I went through…

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Holiday Gift! Print Edition Available & Signup For Free Book Discussion Webinar

Holiday Gift! Print Edition Available & Signup for Free Book Discussion Webinar

Our first edition book has been the number one selling Power Pivot book for a long time. Too long perhaps, the book was published in 2012. An update was certainly needed. Instead of an update, we went for an overhaul. Because we want the second edition to be the best book to learn Power Pivot and Power BI in every way. Here's all that you get with our brand new book, now available as eBook or full-color Print edition (note:…

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Quickbooks Analysis Via QQube!

Quickbooks Analysis via QQube!

Power BI Desktop View of Our Clients by State (Map) and Breakdown by How We Help Them (TreeMap) (Yes, this is Quickbooks Data in Power BI, and it was Painless. See Below for Examples Using Power Pivot Too) Too Legit to Omit (the analytics, that is) For a couple years now, we’ve been quite a bit bigger than the two-person operation of our early days.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, there are now somewhere between 15 and 20…

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Compression With Power Pivot

Compression with Power Pivot

I have read a lot about how good Power Pivot compression is over the last couple of years, and I have a pretty good understanding of how it all works.  But there were some doubts in my mind after some recent reading, so I thought I would simply do some tests to firm up my understanding – I am sharing that testing and learning in this blog today. There are a number of compression algorithms that Power Pivot uses.  Today…

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BI For Everyone: Tear Down The Wall Between IT And Business

BI for Everyone: Tear Down the Wall Between IT and Business

President Reagan in his famous “Tear down this wall” address, asked for the Berlin wall to be brought down. Believing that freedom and security go together. With the same sentiment, we make a call to tear down another wall. Tear down the wall between IT and business, and bring Business Intelligence (BI) to everyone. Note 1: IT and the Business team of course interface on many fronts, but for this article we would focus on Business Intelligence.Note 2: The teams…

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Thanksgiving Sale For Online Course Ends Today (Monday 11/30)

Thanksgiving Sale for Online Course Ends Today (Monday 11/30)

There are two kinds of people in this world (okay, the two that we’re rooting for ) Those who have bought our new “Power Pivot and Power BI” book Those who are about to buy our new book I have good news for both groups. You can buy our Online Video Course during our Thanksgiving Sale. Here’s why it’s a great option for both groups: 1. You have bought our new book The Video Course is a great accompaniment to…

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Break Your DAX Problem Into Manageable Parts

Break your DAX Problem into Manageable Parts

One of the concepts I discuss in my new book Learn to Write DAX, is that you should break your DAX problems into manageable pieces so that you can solve the problem one step at a time.  Most of us do this intuitively in regular Excel, and it should be no different for Power Pivot and DAX.  The trick is to create test measures that are used simply to solve one part of the problem.  Once you have worked out…

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