Why Has The Blog Been On “break,” And My Presentations From Microsoft Data Insights Summit Last Month.

Why has the blog been on “break,” and my presentations from Microsoft Data Insights Summit last month.

Get it???  On break??? Sorry for the radio silence around here lately folks.  A series of biz trips and conferences had made regular blog production difficult, but then… well, apparently every three years I need a trip to the emergency room. Longtime readers may remember the time I wrecked my knee.  Well, a couple weeks back, I wrecked my leg, my hand, and tore up a reasonable percentage of my surface area on a motorcycle.  Well actually it was a…

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Reminder: “Dueling Dashboards” Pre-Conference Class In San Jose May 2nd

Reminder: “Dueling Dashboards” Pre-Conference Class in San Jose May 2nd

Less than three weeks away! Just way too much going on this year, folks.  In a good way, but still, it means we struggle to keep up with making you aware of everything we’re doing. Coming up on May 2nd, at the PASS BA conference in San Jose CA, Avi and I are going to be giving a brand-new, never-seen-before full-day class called “Dueling Dashboards – Practical Patterns for Your Business.” Here’s the abstract: Microsoft’s evolving strategy in BI and…

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Power Query As A File Audit Tool

Power Query as a File Audit Tool

Today I am sharing how I use Power Query as a file audit tool to support a regular task I complete every week.  The objective of this post is to create broader awareness of how great Power Query is to solve different types of problems, and to possibly get you thinking about other problems you have that could be solved with this tool. Copying files between folders My use case is this.  I refresh multiple workbooks for a client each…

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Victory At MS Data Summit! Analyze In Excel For Power BI

Victory at MS Data Summit! Analyze in Excel for Power BI

UPDATE 3/29: Recorded a brief demo video of this feature, embedded below. Analyze in Excel is reported to be working for some free accounts but not all (does not work for me). Does work for Paid/Pro accounts. If you use multiple accounts you may need this workaround. Read Aviv Ezrachi’s comment. Let me start with a proclamation of victory. “Analyze in Excel” is the best news that I heard at the MS Data Summit. Why is it such a big…

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Power Pivot Versus Power Query: Power BI Dilemma

Power Pivot versus Power Query: Power BI Dilemma

"Do we use Power Pivot or Power Query?" – I get this question all the time when teaching Power BI classes. (Note: This applies in Excel as well as Power BI Desktop world. Even though in PBI Desktop the tools are not labeled as PP & PQ, they are still very much present. See Excel Power BI / PBI Desktop comparison). I would be presenting this topic at the PASS BA Conference (May 2-4). I would be fleshing this out…

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SQL For Excel Power Pivot Users

SQL for Excel Power Pivot Users

Today I am going to spend some time trying to convince (and demonstrate to) Excel Power Pivot users that it is easy and valuable to learn some simple SQL code.  SQL is one of the easiest languages I have ever taught myself and you can do it too.  The reasons SQL is easy to learn include: It has a very simple syntax that uses English language expressions. You can start with simple short queries and get more complex only when…

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Power Query And Fixed-width M(agic)!

Power Query and Fixed-width M(agic)!

Intro by Avi: We know that Power Pivot and Power Query are extremely useful tools in the Finance and Accounting world. Today we have a guest post by Darren Leitzke outlining a very useful scenario and sharing some good tips and tricks. Take it away Darren… Working in accounting reminds me of all of those movies that take place 40 years later, but when that year comes around, the movie grossly exaggerated the technological advances of the future. Likewise, I…

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Job Opportunities In Seattle Area!

Job Opportunities in Seattle Area!

Join the PowerPivotPro Team! As part of our growth process, we at PowerPivotPro are pleased to say that we’d like to add at least one new team member in the Seattle area. This would mean working closely with me, Avi, and the rest of the team (several of whom are in Seattle), as well as with clients in the Seattle area. And yes, you’d spend your days doing revolutionary work with Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power BI If you’re…

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