Why Has The Blog Been On “break,” And My Presentations From Microsoft Data Insights Summit Last Month.

Why has the blog been on “break,” and my presentations from Microsoft Data Insights Summit last month.

Get it???  On break??? Sorry for the radio silence around here lately folks.  A series of biz trips and conferences had made regular blog production difficult, but then… well, apparently every three years I need a trip to the emergency room. Longtime readers may remember the time I wrecked my knee.  Well, a couple weeks back, I wrecked my leg, my hand, and tore up a reasonable percentage of my surface area on a motorcycle.  Well actually it was a…

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Start 2016 By Meeting Us At Upcoming Conferences!

Start 2016 By Meeting Us at Upcoming Conferences!

Hi folks!  I hope everyone got some rest over the holidays, because 2016 is on like Donkey Kong.  Personally I could use another month to recuperate from all of that recuperation – I ate, drank, and traveled way too much, which made the holidays resemble my road warrior routine that wears me out during the year.  Next year it’s gonna be all salads, sushi, exercise, and relaxing over the holidays…  yeah, that’s the ticket.  But yeah, the year has started…

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Listen to Me Interview MrExcel (Bill Jelen), and See Us Both at the PASS Biz Analytics Conference

Post by Rob Collie I Interviewed Bill Via Phone – Me in the Arctic of Ohio, Bill in his Winter HQ Down in Florida It’s not often that you’re asked to interview one of your friends, but that happened to me last week.  The folks at PASS thought it would be interesting if I interviewed Bill Jelen, and then we published that interview on the PASS Business Analytics Conference site. An excuse for me to call up Bill and jaw…

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Visit Us at PASS BA CON! (Apr 20-22, Santa Clara)

Post by Rob Collie

Excel Speakers are a BIG Presence at This Year's PASS Business Analytics Conference

The “Modern Excel” Vibe is Taking Over This Year’s Speaker Lineup.
Come Hang Out With Us…  And Oh Yeah, Attend Our Sessions Smile

Getting the Band Back Together!

Holy cow folks, am I stoked!  Look at that lineup!  I’d go to this event (PASS Business Analytics Conference) just to HANG OUT with these people.  Other than the Excel MVP Summit at Microsoft HQ, you don’t ever really find this many “EXCELebrities” in one place.  (See what I did there?  I made a new word!  Let’s make it stick.)

But unlike the MVP Summit, this event is open to the public.  Come hang out with us.  And oh yeah, attend our sessions too!

Registration Discount Code

Register using the official PowerPivotPro discount code BASPROB and save $150.

Register Here and Use Code BASPROB

Full Day Pre-Conference Sessions by Rob/Avi… and Chandoo!

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In-Person Class in Philly, Oct 21-22!

Post by Rob Collie Our July Class in Cleveland – 90% of these Fine Folks Came from Out of State!(And One From Australia!) Taking it to the East Coast – and Beyond After running three consecutive classes in Cleveland (April, July, and August), and seeing a packed classroom for the last two, we’ve decided that I should start occasionally venturing out of the Heartland and teaching the class elsewhere too. This time we’re going to be partnering with Microsoft itself,…

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Greetings from San Jose!

  53 People Showed Up for My Full-Day Pre-Conference Session on Power Pivot(Definitely the Largest Class I Have Ever Taught) I know, it’s nearly 2:00 Wednesday morning, Eastern time, as I write this. But on the West Coast, hey, it IS still technically Tuesday, so this post isn’t really that late.  Heh heh. As usual, I burned a lot of psychic energy teaching the class today, leaving me pretty drained at day’s end.  But wow, totally worth it – which…

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Mini-Post: 2-Day Class in Cleveland, July 30-31

  Yes, I Look Precisely Like This in Person (But No, I Don’t Have One of Those Little Teacher Batons) The last time we did this was a blast.  So we thought we’d do it again, this time with more advanced notice.  I met some truly amazing people – even the lunch breaks were just a lot of fun.  And, as amazing people are inclined to do, they are now off doing amazing things with their data. Half the class…

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Mini-Post: Agenda “Slides” from One of my PASS Talks Next Week in San Jose, CA

  One of my Intro “Slides” for Next Week(“Slides” in quotes because the live version is animated) I’ve mentioned before that I am speaking at the 2nd annual PASS Business Analytics Conference, aka BACON, and I’ve also mentioned that I’m scheduled to present three separate sessions: A full-day pre-conference session – a Power Pivot Jumpstart, if you will. A joint presentation with Mike Miskell of Kaman Industrial Technologies, where we talk about their tremendous Enterprise-wide scorecarding success with Power Pivot.…

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