Occupy BACON: Let’s Do This. (Sessions & Discount)

March 18, 2014


It’s Possible that Maybe I Added Something to Their Banner Image :)
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Year One Was Great, So I’m Speaking Again – San Jose CA, May 7-9

I really enjoyed the inaugural PASS Business Analytics Conference, aka PASS BACON, last year.  Before that, I’d never been to a conference that was even remotely aimed at “my kind of people.”  That all changed for me last year.  I think we have found our home.

THIS is the kind of conference we need – one that’s accessible without heavy technology expertise.  One where Business Impact take center stage, and the only pre-requisite is that you enjoy working with data.  (And it helps if you don’t flinch at the word “Microsoft.”)

Which suits us Excel folks to a tee, doesn’t it?  They might as well put us on the front page.  But an explicit mention of Excel would scare off those other people – the non-Excel people (that we outnumber 100 to 1).  Honestly I think we should just take this thing over.  You know, like…  Occupy BACON.  (Brief pause while I replace the previously-bland title of this post with precisely that).

Putting my time where my mouth is, this year I am “doubling down” and presenting two sessions – a full-day “pre-con” and a “regular” session – see below for details.  AND I’m in discussions about presenting a third session as well, stay tuned on that.

We like dominating the "BACON Challenge"Last Year’s Referral Champion Wants to Repeat!

A little bird told us that last year, more people signed up for PASS BACON using the PowerPivotPro discount code than any other discount code.

Pretty cool, eh?  Anyway, there’s a discount code again this year, but I’ve been slow to share it.  Let’s pretend we did that to give all those “non-Excel” websites a head start, given that whole “100 to 1 outnumber” thing (in reality I have just been swamped).

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2-Day Public Class in Cleveland April 9-10

March 6, 2014

If you’re in the Ohio/Midwest area, I would love to meet you in person and help you on your Journey Through the Land of Data.

Only 18 seats in the class, so it will be “intimate.”  Lots of interaction, fun, and obviously…  mind-blowingly powerful techniques.  You know the drill – act fast and reserve your seat today, etc etc. Smile

Syllabus, pricing, and registration information here

(Apologies, no “real” post today – but only because I am so “slammed” with real work.  There are guest posts in the pipeline where if I just could have gotten free for a few minutes…)

Closing Midnight Tonight (US Pacific Time): PowerPivotPro University / Chandoo Bundles

February 21, 2014

Final Reminder!

PowerPivotPro University, aka Advanced Power Pivot on Chandoo's site.

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And again, here’s the Q&A posted last week.  Happy learning!

“Level Up” Your Data Powers with PowerPivotPro University and Chandoo Course Bundles :)

February 17, 2014

Power Pivot Pokemon Last Week, Power Pivot Mario This Week

An Enthusiastic PowerPivotPro University Student Sent Me These Over the Weekend Smile

Signup Closes Friday:  Bundle PowerPivotPro Univ. w/ Chandoo Courses

Just a reminder that the joint discount/bundle offering with Chandoo closes this Friday:

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PowerPivotPro University Open on Chandoo.org

February 10, 2014

Open for Signups, Start Immediately.

PowerPivotPro University, aka Advanced Power Pivot on Chandoo's site.
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Questions & Answers

Q:  You Call it PowerPivotPro University, but Chandoo only offers “Power Pivot” and “Advanced Power Pivot.”  What’s going on?

A:  PowerPivotPro University is the same thing as Chandoo’s Advanced Power Pivot. It’s the exact same content, produced and taught by me, under two different names.  It’s just that Chandoo has his own Power Pivot course, and we needed to differentiate his from mine when offered on the same site.

PowerPivotPro University, aka Advanced Power Pivot on Chandoo's site.

When You Go to Chandoo’s Page, Scroll to the Bottom

Q:  So is your course really that advanced?  Should I be scared if I am new to Power Pivot?

A:  No.  I built my course to truly take you from “zero to sixty.”  It turns Beginners into Magicians.  So it’s basically Beginner AND Advanced combined – I may even split it into smaller courses in the future to reflect that.

Q:  What have the first few waves of students thought of PowerPivotPro University?

A:  Click here for some testimonials.

Q:  In the future, are you going to be offering PowerPivotPro University independently via this site, separate from Chandoo?

A:  Yes.  Even though there are many people already taking it through us directly, we are downplaying our independent delivery for now, and delivering it one more time through Chandoo in order to honor past commitments.  Then we’re “going solo” – but then may cooperate with Chandoo in other ways going forward.

Q:  Ah, that explains the confusing naming etc.  Seems like a tangled web.

A:  Bingo.  It’s just two entities doing right by each other.  Chandoo is awesome and a little confusion is nothing in the grand scheme.  It all clarifies in the near future.  Bear with us.

Q:  Are there any advantages to signing up now via Chandoo versus your solo offering in the near future?

A:  Yes, there are two benefits.  One is that you can start immediately, rather than waiting.  The second is that if you are interested in also taking some of Chandoo’s other courses, you can bundle them for a discount.

Seattle User Group Kickoff, Alchemy, and More

February 4, 2014

1) Seattle User Group Kickoff Meeting

Monday, February 10th, at Building 34 on Microsoft Main Campus

That’s right,  Seattle’s group is gonna meet at the Mothership itself – the building where I worked when I was working on Power Pivot, which also happens to be the building where Bill Gates used to work.

We already have 70 of the 125 seats filled, so act fast!

***REGISTER HERE:  https://seattlemeug.eventbrite.com


Exclusive 20-Minute Video Kickoff Presentation by Yours Truly – You Can Only See This at MEUG In-Person Events (Such as Seattle on Feb 10)

2) Alchemy Update – Power Writing Session at Undisclosed Location

Yes we’ve been a bit behind on the new book.  But last week I took an emergency plane trip to the MrExcel Secret Winter HQ so we could get this sucker done.


Time Lapse Photos of an Epic Writing Session:

7 am Breakfast:  Eggs / Sausage / Choco Chip Pancakes for Me, Mahi Sandwich for Bill (Fancy!)
4 pm Recharge:  Holy Cow, Dr. Pepper Slurpee???  YES.  And Diet Coke for Bill (Bah!)
3 am Still Going Strong:  Note Empty Coffee Mug and Slurpee cup.

Summary of Results:

  1. On Day 1 we sent 150+ pages sent to off for copy editing.  Several of those chapters are already back in Bill’s hands for the addition of his magic touch.
  2. On Day 2 we added Power View, Power Map, and Power Query to the book.  We wrote about 70 pages or so on the spot, fueled by the fine nutrition pictured above.
  3. “Early Bird” preview versions will be available THIS MONTH to students of PowerPivotPro University (which is known as “Advanced Power Pivot” over on Chandoo.org)

3) PowerPivotPro University – Sign Up to Be Notified for Feb 10 Launch

Just a follow up from last week:  we’re counting down to the 2014 re-launch:

Click here to be added to the notifications list

If you have questions or just can’t bear to wait til next week, drop us a note at training@powerpivotpro.com Smile

PowerPivotPro University Re-Opens Feb 10

January 30, 2014

Power Pivot Pro Online University

“They’re calling me the ‘go-to guy’ here at work.  All the credit goes to you.”

-C. Gilbert

All Systems Go!

Apologies for the delay.  We’ve been holding off on a broad re-launch because we wanted/needed a few things done first:

  1. All of the content is complete.  The last official lesson, Using Macros with Power Pivot, was published this past weekend.
  2. The Alchemy book is on track.  Students of the class will receive an electronic copy of Power Pivot Alchemy before it even goes to the printer.  I just got back from Bill Jelen’s secret winter hideout, where we conducted a marathon writing session.  I am now confident we will be distributing the “early bird” e-version to students during the month of February.
  3. Chandoo and I have aligned our plans.  P3 University will be offered one more time (Feb 10) in partnership with Chandoo.org, and subsequently will only be available through PowerPivotPro.

Sign up to be notified

Join the waiting list here, or use the form below to be notified when enrollments officially open:

PowerPivotPro University Open for Corp. Year End

December 2, 2013


As mentioned previously, PowerPivotPro University will be re-opening for general enrollments in January.  I’ve been thrilled by the feedback I’ve received from the hundreds of students in the first wave and hope to see many more of you in the class next year.

In the meantime though we have been receiving numerous inquiries about using 2014 year-end training budget to purchase enrollments in December.

If that is relevant to you, please contact us and we will happily get you started today:

+1 (440) 719-9000 


The price per student is $349.  Access is good for one year after enrollment.

(Yes, your students can begin the course immediately and do NOT have to wait until January)

PowerPivot Course In Victoria, BC – Nov 22, 2013

November 4, 2013

Guest Post by Ken Puls (www.excelguru.ca)

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to throw out a quick note to let everyone know that I’ll be teaching a course on PowerPivot and DAX in Victoria, BC on November 22nd, 2013. While the course is hosted by the Chartered Professional Accountants, it’s open to anyone who wishes to subscribe.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to get started with PowerPivot, you’re confused as to how and why things work, or you want to master date/time intelligence in PowerPivot, this course is for you.

This is a hands on course that starts with basic pivot tables (just as a refresher) and how to build the PowerPivot versions. We then work though understanding filter context, measures and relationships, and finish the day by building measures that allow you to pull great stats such as Month to Date for the same month last year, among others.

You’ll get the most out of this course if you’re experienced with PivotTables.

This is a hands on course, so you need to bring a laptop that is pre-loaded with either:

  • Excel 2010 and the free PowerPivot download
  • Excel 2013 with Office 2013 Professional Plus installed (yes the PLUS is key!)
  • Excel 2013 with Excel 2013 standalone installed.

If you have any questions as to which you have installed, simply drop me a note via the contact form on my website, and I’ll help you figure it out.

As an added bonus, to anyone who signs up via this notice, please let me know. I’ll provide you with a free copy of my Magic of PivotTables course so that you can make sure you’re 100% Pivot Table compatible before you arrive.

Full details of the course contents as well as a registration link, can be found at http://www.icabc-pd.com/pd-seminars-seminar.php?id=2849. Don’t wait too long though, as registration deadline is November 14th!

Hope to see you there!


2013 Users: Still want to join PowerPivotPro School?

August 20, 2013

In light of the news, if you missed the signup deadline for PowerPivotPro School and still would like to join, drop us an email at training@powerpivotpro.com and we will hook you up.

PowerPivotPro School Signups Close Tonight (Friday August 16) at Midnight US Pacific Time

August 16, 2013

Exciting times!  PowerPivotPro School registration closes tonight (Friday night, Midnight US Pacific time) and the course officially starts on Monday.

Reminder:  Self-Paced

Even though you can ask questions, and there’s a registration deadline, I want to stress that this IS very much a self-paced course.  Pause, rewind, rewatch.  On your own schedule.  There’s been a flurry of uncertainty about that today and I apologize for the lack of clarity.

Join the Course

One more taste…

One Click Applies All of Your Conditional Formats – Bonus Trick in the Course
(If you don’t see the animation, click here)

Doesn’t Seem Possible Smile

I’m really flattered by the number of enrollments so far.  We were over 150 students at last count, and that’s not counting Chandoo’s two courses.

In two months, this website will celebrate its fourth anniversary.  When it launched, the readership consisted mostly of people I knew on a first-name basis beforehand.

That this many people worldwide, most of them completely unknown to me, are signing up to hungrily learn about the thing I’ve devoted my life to for 6 years (2 at Microsoft, 4 “in the wild”)…  well, I always expected a day when Power Pivot interest would be this strong, but it’s quite another thing to actually have it arrive.

Let’s go change the world – all of the Shikas and Geoffs of the world, just to pick two examples.  I look forward to interacting with all of you in the course. 

And if you don’t ask at least one question, I’m coming after you Smile

What is an “Online Training Module?”

August 15, 2013

I really don’t want to push Shika’s post out of the top spot here but I am getting this question a lot, so I will briefly answer it for everyone with tomorrow night’s registration deadline looming.

PowerPivotPro School is a series of “go at your own pace, watch on your own time” video modules with accompanying workbooks.

You can re-watch the lessons as often or as much as you’d like.  Pause, rewind, jump to bookmarks.

You can download the videos too.

Asking questions of your instructor(s) feels a lot like submitting blog comments.  So again, it’s not like you have to show up for “office hours” or something like that Smile