For Real This Time:  Show Barnes & Noble That Power Pivot And Power BI Are Important!

For Real This Time: Show Barnes & Noble that Power Pivot and Power BI are Important!

Sunday, Feb 7th in a Local B&N:  That Silver/Grey Spined Book is Ours! OK, for real, B&N has them now!  (I have seen them myself, as pictured above, and every B&N I’ve called has them). Remember, they accepted our challenge of an experiment:  they will stock our new book for a few weeks and see what kind of “action” it gets.  If it does decent sales, they will keep the book on the shelves (AND start stocking more such books,…

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Other (Better) Ways to Get All Measures As Text


The Second Time I’ve Used This “Egg on My Face” Picture

Feeling Silly

OK, on Tuesday I published a technique that I’ve been using for years now – a way to get a list of all measure formulas as text.  And it took about five minutes for people to respond and tell me about all the better ways to do it.

I’d like to say that none of those ways were better than mine.  But ALL of them were better Smile

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PowerPivotPro: The Book (Coming Soon)

***UPDATE:  Window Extended!

I think I can leave the “get your name in the book” offer open until the weekend.  See this post.

Where’s Rob?

You may have noticed a certain absence over the past couple weeks.  David Churchward has been on quite a run of guest posts, and that is no accident.  He’s been keeping things afloat here for me, as a HUGE favor, while I finish the book.

It was time

Yes, the book.  One that captures the essential lessons that I’ve informally recorded and scattered on the blog over the years in random order.  One that sequences all of those lessons properly, explains them more fully than the blog, and forces me to not cut corners.  One that captures the way I teach when I train people onsite.  Ideally, one that helps the Excel Pro in particular make the transition from Excel Pro to All-Out Data Monster.

I’ve been thinking about this forever.  Hey, it’s always sounded like a great idea.  But it’s one thing to think about it and another to actually do it.  I actually started over New Year’s this past January, but then shelved it as things got hectic at work.  Well…  August rolled around, things were STILL hectic at work, and then I noticed THIS on Amazon…  “rut roh Shaggy.”

WAIT!  If you want to pre-order, do it tomorrow, and I’ll put your name in the book.  See below for details.

WAIT!  If you want to pre-order, do it Wednesday, and I’ll put your name in the book Smile
(See below for details)

At the beginning of August, the release date was listed as September 1st.  It was quite the wakeup call Smile.

Plus, this is being published by Bill Jelen’s Holy Macro Press.  It’s a Mr. Excel title!  Bill has been fantastically helpful to me in this whole process, dating back to last calendar year.  Thou shalt not let down Mr. Excel!  So again, yeah, it was time.

I’ve been heads-down ever since, and the process is now happily in its final phases.  The book will be released Nov 10.

150 Pages?  Bah.

Yeah it’s listed at 150.  That was the estimate that I submitted nearly a year ago.  Then I dug in and quickly started realizing that I needed to exceed it. 

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Friday Bonus: PowerPivot “Owns” Excel Now!

 I was recently sent a link to the best-selling books on Amazon, in the “Microsoft Spreadsheet” category. Check it out: The Top Two Best-Selling Excel Books Are Both PowerPivot Books!(Click to Visit the Page on Amazon) This Surprises Even Me I’m a little surprised to see this.  This very much seems “correct” to me – PowerPivot books SHOULD be most popular, but to see this happening already is really cool.  I thought it might be another year before we saw…

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VLOOKUP Week: Who Needs VLOOKUP Anymore?

  VLOOKUP Week – Brought to You by Mr. Excel(Click Image for the Official Site of VLOOKUP Week) What is the “Scariest” Feature in Excel? A couple of years ago at lunch, Bill remarked to me that VLOOKUP was the “scariest” feature in Excel, and that PowerPivot’s introduction of relationships was going to make Excel a lot “friendlier” to the average user. This sparked a few minutes of friendly debate, as I had always considered pivots themselves to be the…

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More Live PowerPivot Web Apps!

“IT’S ALIVE!!!!” (Just your average Excel Pro after converting his first PowerPivot Workbook into a Web App) I’ve got another article about to go live on CIMA Insight, but I’m gonna jump the gun a bit and post basically the entire thing here ahead of time. ***UPDATE:  I am no longer working at Pivotstream and do not endorse their services.  All links are removed from this article but feel free to look them up if you are interested. At Pivotstream…

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Downgrading From PowerPivot v2 to v1

OK, let’s say you already installed v2, whether inadvertently or…  advertently. And now you need to downgrade to v1, so that your workbooks function on your server, or can be opened by other people running v1 on their desktops. So… how to do that? The Obvious Thing Works for Most People Simple:  just uninstall v2 (from Windows Control Panel) and then install v1. But if you see this error when you try to build a new workbook, or open an…

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