“Beta Test” the New Reference Card?

April 7, 2015

Post by Rob Collie

Power Pivot / Power BI / DAX Reference Card

RefCard Pt 2: Captures/Condenses Important Tips & Fundamentals from Our Years of Teaching
(Five “Sides” Pictured Above, Sixth “Side” is Still in Development)

PDF Preview Available Later This Month

Short Version:  drop us an email at the address below, and later this month we will send you a preview of the new reference card in PDF format.

Drop Us a Note to Get Your Preview Copy

“Completing” the First Ref Card

Creating the first reference card might be the smartest thing we’ve ever done. 

We can say that without hubris, because it was actually NOT our idea, it was Bill Jelen’s.

Still though, we have the wisdom to recognize Bill’s genius.  The reference card has been a CRITICAL component of our classroom teaching for years now:

Power Pivot / Power BI / DAX Reference Card

Ref Card Part 1 (Laminated Version) is Only $2.95 at MrExcel.com – Click Image
(Preview Participants will Also Receive a PDF of Part 1)

Final “Product” is TBD

1) Given that the new reference card is six sides, it ideally would be printed in some sort of “tri-fold” laminated format, and in full color of course.  That’s might be pretty expensive to produce, so we’re still noodling on how to do it.

2) Plus, it would make sense to merge it with Part 1 to form something more like a quad-fold.  Hmm.

3) We want your feedback on Part 2 so we can improve it before we do anything rash like print 5 thousand copies.

4) I’m also contractually obligated to say that we WILL improve the aesthetics of Part 2 as well.  Because, well, *I* am designing Part 2, and while I might be a decent communicator, I’m not exactly a graphic designer.

Anyway, Sign Up for the Free Preview PDF Smile

Drop Us a Note to Get Your Preview Copy

Supporting Files from “Power Pivot Alchemy”

February 11, 2015

Post by Rob Collie


Click to Download the Workbooks and Data Sources

Apologies for the Delay

No excuses, I just fumbled this.  At one point I *did* plan to make the files available for the Alchemy book, just like I did for my first book.  But then I got lazy and thought “nah, people don’t really seem to need them.”  Which was dumb.  There are even places in the book where I say “you can grab the files and walk through this yourself.”  Ugh, so silly.  Anyway, finally they are ready to be shared:

Grab the Files Here

Don’t Have the Book?  Grab the Files Anyway!

If you want the files but haven’t purchased Alchemy, do NOT feel guilty – just grab the files anyway!  Seriously, “steal” them all you want.  Give them to your friends and family.  Re-gift them at the holidays, heh heh.  Yes, the files contain useful examples on their own, but they’re also a good “advertisement” for the actual book, so we don’t mind.

Click Here to “Steal” With Our Compliments :)

Have fun!

Updates from July 4th / World Cup Week

July 2, 2014

A Summer State of Mind


Let’s Call This “Recharge Mode.”

After an INSANE couple of months, we’ve been taking it this week at PowerPivotPro HQ.  July Fourth holiday week, World Cup games on TV, a relatively quiet email inbox, lots of physical therapy for the still-ailing knee…  all adds up to “no new posts this week.”

But I do have a few quick updates:

August Power Pivot Class, Book Bundle, Spanish Book

Power Pivot Training Course   Power Pivot Training Course


Our July class here in Cleveland completely sold out – demand exceeded our supply of seats.  That’s a good sign for Power Pivot awareness and adoption, for sure, and

So we’re going to do another class in August.  Details here.

Power Pivot Book Bundle

Reader Jim Fleming wrote me and pointed out this bundle.  Get all three for $27 (eBook versions – web delivery) or $54.95 (print AND eBook versions combined – US shipments only)

Power Pivot Book en Espanol!

Last, but NOT Least – Miguel Escobar’s Translation of “DFPP,” Right Here in My Hand.
Ultimately, No Country or Language Should be “Safe” from the Benevolent Virus Called Power Pivot.

Please Review Alchemy :)

June 23, 2014

Click to leave a review of Power Pivot Alchemy on Amazon

Click to leave a review of Alchemy on Amazon

If you’ve read it, maybe give it a quick review on Amazon?

My original book DAX Formulas for PowerPivot has 62 reviews on Amazon and I have read every one of them.  So I have a great idea of what people think of that book, and that is VERY helpful, thank you everyone who took the time.

So far though, Alchemy only has two reviews – one was written before it was even released, and the other erroneously assumed something about our color choices, so neither is particularly “informative” to us, feedback-wise.

If you’ve read Alchemy and can spare a few minutes, please drop in over at Amazon and let us know what you think of it ok?  Thanks everyone!

Alchemy is Printed!

May 15, 2014

Just a quick update here:


Picked One Up From the Printer Last Night.  Amazon Will Take a Couple Weeks to “Ingest” Them.
(MrExcel.com Orders Will Ship Sooner Than That)

A Couple Things Are Just Sinking In…

  1. It’s a Series Now!  A week ago, there was just a single title, but suddenly, I am holding three books in my hand.  Super cool feeling.
  2. Holy COW, I Co-Authored a Book with MrExcel!  I won’t lie – that realization, as it dawned on me today, was magical.  I got chills.

Alchemy Pre-Orders/Get Your Name in the Book Update

April 1, 2014

Hi folks.  On my first real vacation in five years right now (yay!), but wanted to drop in quickly and update you on all of this.  Three quick points:

  1. The two “bonuses” (name printed in the book, “beta” Alchemy eBook) are available to you no matter what method you use for pre-order.  Amazon US, Amazon UK, whatever.  We’ll get your name in the book AND get you the advanced e-copy.  Switching to MrExcel.com was meant to INCLUDE more people (since Amazon US stopped taking pre-orders), and NOT to exclude anyone.
  2. We are leaving the window open for another day or so.  Yes, the window was technically closed on Tuesday 1 Pm US eastern time.  But the deadline is really just to minimize “missing” people, since we have to close the book down and print it.  So another day or two will not hurt.
  3. Orders through MrExcel.com?  Great, we have your name.  And you already received access to the “beta” eBook version of Alchemy.  No need to take further action.
  4. Orders through another method?  Make sure you drop us a note by emailing us here.
  5. “Beta” eBook access for non-MrExcel.com orders will all go out in bulk next week.  Please be patient, it takes a lot of time to take care of this stuff and we want to only do it once.

Original post here.

Alchemy Pre-Order Moved to Tuesday on MrExcel.com

March 27, 2014

So it turns out Amazon isn’t taking pre-orders of Alchemy anymore here in the US until we notify them that the books are on their way to their warehouse.

No worries, we are resourceful!  Let’s just move the “pre-order, get your name printed in the book” offer to MrExcel.com.  And move the window to Tuesday April 1st (Noon to 1 PM US Eastern time) to give everyone time to see this update.

Updated steps:

0) Add the pre-order window to your calendar

1a) MrExcel.com Physical Book Page (USA Orders Only!)

1b) MrExcel.com eBook Page (All Countries)

(No need to send screenshots.  We’ll have your name from the order).

***BONUS:  In addition to getting your name printed in the book, ALL pre-orders from MrExcel.com will include IMMEDIATE access to the “rough cuts” version of Alchemy in PDF form.  Think of this as the 99% complete version of the book, a “final beta” of sorts.  You can start reading next week, and then receive the final version when it’s ready in a few weeks.  (Immediate access to the PDF is included with pre-orders of the physical book OR eBook).

See original post below for the rest of the info.  Sorry for the chaos Smile

Get Your Name Printed in Power Pivot Alchemy :)

March 27, 2014


***UPDATE:  Pre-order window moved to Tuesday April 1st, and moved from Amazon to MrExcel.com:

0) Add the pre-order window to your calendar

1a) MrExcel.com Physical Book Page (USA Orders Only!)

1b) MrExcel.com eBook Page (All Countries)

***BONUS:  In addition to getting your name printed in the book, ALL pre-orders from MrExcel.com will include IMMEDIATE access to the “rough cuts” version of Alchemy in PDF form.  Think of this as the 99% complete version of the book, a “final beta” of sorts.  You can start reading next week, and then receive the final version when it’s ready in a few weeks.  (Immediate access to the PDF is included with pre-orders of the physical book OR eBook).



About 160 People Got Their Names Printed in the First Book, and Seemed to Really Enjoy It.
Time to Do That Again for My Long-Delayed New Book, Alchemy.

The long tug of war draws to a close…

Yes folks, it’s basically done.  For over a year now, Bill and I have taken turns playing the roles of “Busy Guy Who Keeps Putting it Off” and “Impatient Guy Who Wonders Why the Other Guy Keeps Dragging His Feet.”

For the record, it looks like the game is ending with me holding the hot potato.  Bill will forever remind me that I was the last hold up, I know this.

Order Tuesday April 1st Between
12 and 1 PM US Eastern Time

Pre-order the book on MrExcel.com during that 1-hour window and we will include your name in the book before it goes to the printer!  (Yes we still have a narrow window for changes).

0) Add the pre-order window to your calendar

1a) MrExcel.com Physical Book Page (USA Orders Only!)

1b) MrExcel.com eBook Page (All Countries)

(No Need to Send Screenshots Since We’ll Have Your Name on the Order)

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Update on Table Queries

March 17, 2014

Guest post by Scott Senkeresty

After completing this post on table queries, I celebrated by curling up with Microsoft Excel 2013: Building Data Models with PowerPivot.  It’s a great book by Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari.  (I’ve read Rob’s book now multiple times, and I was even the tech editor on it, so it was time to step up and read the other leading book).

When I got to chapter 14 in the Italians’ book, two things happened:

  1. I saw page after page that looked incredibly similar to my blog post… making me feel like a complete imposter.
  2. I saw “the next level”.

The Italians don’t just bring data into a table via DAX.  They further manipulate the data (with standard techniques excel pros know and love), and then, link this newly created table back to their power pivot model for further analysis with DAX!  And it all responds to Refresh.   Totally.  Awesome.

Are We There Yet??? (User Groups and Alchemy)

November 19, 2013


“Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?”

Consider this a “Mailbag” Post

Hey, sportswriters do this all the time.  They take emails out of their inbox and turn that into a full article.  That’s not super appropriate for a blog like this, but I *am* getting three questions repeatedly:

  1. When is the Excel User Group starting up in my city?
  2. Is there a “webcast” option for watching the presentations in Cleveland and Atlanta?
  3. When is your new book, Power Pivot Alchemy being released?

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Two Announcements: Atlanta User Group and Power Pivot en Espanol

October 28, 2013

Excel and Power Pivot User Group in Atlanta

Click for More Info and to Register!

Coming Soon to a City Near You!

I’m thrilled to announce that we have “locked in” Atlanta, and its first meeting will be November 14th at the Microsoft offices in Alpharetta!  Featured speaker:  me.

Yes, I know it’s a slow process, but inexorably, we grind forward.  Many cities still to come.

In the meantime, if you have not registered your interest in a group near you, please do so here.

Now en Espanol!

I’m VERY late announcing this, so apologies to Miguel.  The Spanish translation of my book is complete and it is now listed on Amazon:

Power Pivot Book en Espanol!  On Amazon.

Kindle Version Already Available.  Print Version Listed as “Not Yet Released.”
Click for more info.

VERY cool.  I’m told that Amazon will print copies of the Spanish book on an as-needed basis, so if you want a physical version, give it a shot.

Better yet:  I’m going to order a physical copy now and report back.  Why would I *not* have a physical copy of my own book translated into another language?

SO cool.  Thanks Miguel!  I hope you are able to do some serious “damage” in the Spanish market with this in hand.

Ooh, also available on iTunes.  Can’t get enough of this Smile

Power Pivot Book en Espanol!  On iTunes.

Also on iTunes.  Click for more info.

PowerPivotPro School: Affordable Video Training Makes You Awesome at PowerPivot

July 22, 2013


“There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend:
Those who learn by reading, and those who learn by seeing.”

My personal mission in life is to help Excel Pros to enjoy more meaningful and rewarding careers – both for themselves and for the organizations that employ them.  That may sound cheesy but it’s the absolute truth.  I even left my CTO job at my last company so that I could pursue this full time, without distraction.

There are many components to that mission, but it all starts with education. It is the foundation for everything that follows.

Accordingly, I spend at least half of my time on teaching – via this site, the book, and onsite training in particular.  I’m also co-authoring a second book with MrExcel – PowerPivot Alchemy.

But I’ve learned that not everyone can pick up a book to learn new things.  Many people (myself included, actually) have to be shown things instead.

So what about the “Show Me” People?

Are you more of a “show me” person than a “read a book” person?  If so, until now, the only thing I’ve been able to offer you is onsite or remote training.  Those are both great, but I can only train one group at a time, and the price is too high for some organizations.

I’ve long wanted to provide a visual, dynamic class, with hands-on “follow along” materials, that can reach a much broader audience.  And now that is finally happening.

PowerPivot Course, Taught by Yours Truly, Delivered at Chandoo.org!

I’m thrilled to announce that my PowerPivot video course launches August 1st!

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