Show Barnes & Noble That Power Pivot Is A Monster!

Show Barnes & Noble that Power Pivot is a Monster!

***Update***  B&N got confused on this, and does NOT have the books in stock yet!  Their system thinks our 2nd edition is only available as an eBook (they entered the 1st edition ISBN into their system rather than the new one).  Stand by for an update on this, we will let you know the new availability date.  Apologies folks Earlier this month we had a conversation with the “Product Mix” department at Barnes and Noble (the dominant bookstore chain here…

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2nd Edition Is Here: Get The EBook Today!

2nd Edition is Here: Get the eBook Today!

Buy and Download from right now If you’re ready to get started, go here and buy your eCopy today: Buy and Download the eBook on (Indiegogo pre-orders of the eBook will also be emailing out today as well). Physical books off to the printer! <Yawns, stretches, rubs eyes>  Well folks it’s 100% done.  An intense final week of editing last week, and into the weekend, but as of 7 am Monday morning, the finished files were in the…

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Foreword And Forward:  Excerpt From Second Edition

Foreword and Forward: Excerpt from Second Edition

Hey, yeah.  I’ve been bad about posting lately.  Lots of travel, AND working on the final edits to the 2nd edition of the book. Well, I decided to get clever tonight, and share the Foreword from said 2nd edition as a blog post! The books go to the printing press as early as this weekend.  And you can still pre-order here if desired. So here it is, uncut and unabridged…  Foreword and Forward. “State of the Union” Nov 2015 –…

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Power Pivot, Power BI And Last Chances

Power Pivot, Power BI and Last Chances

In my webinars you would often hear me say that Power Pivot is the ♥heart♥ of Power BI. Below is the visual that I use: Power Pivot is the central engine that drives Power BI However, when your name is PowerPivotPro, that seems a bit self-serving . So I'll shut up and let others do the talking. Power BI is a complete and attractive product that does so much more than Power Pivot. At the same time it is still…

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Mini Post #3:  Cases Of Books At 50% Off

Mini Post #3: Cases of Books at 50% Off

Everyone Wins in this Deal! Last week, one of our clients (The Wolf, actually) said “put us down for a case of 2nd edition books.”  And that got us thinking – if we discounted that case of books by 50%, it would make it way cheaper for our client (a good thing), AND ultimately cheaper for us too, since the more we can afford to print up front, the cheaper the printing becomes. So I encourage you to run this…

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Preorder 2nd Edition of our DAX Book, Help us Print in Color, Get Cool Perks :)

-Post by Rob Collie

***UPDATE:  WOW, this is going a LOT faster than we’d dared to hope!  Our initial $3k goal was to offset the color print costs. Our stretch goal is $20k which would cover the cost of the first color print run. If we go even higher, the extra funds will be used to insure that future printings of “DAX 2” will also be in color, and not just this first batch.  (Each print run requires its own hefty startup cost).  Thanks everyone!!!

Color:  We Think it Helps

Bill’s New Book in Color, DAX 1st Edition in B&W – Which is Easier to Read?
(Help us Make DAX 2nd Edition Look Like the Left Book)

Time to Refresh, Expand, and Clarify the “Classic”

The book I wrote back in 2012 has been through four print runs and continues, to this day, as the #1-selling book on Power Pivot (and perhaps on Power BI as well, by extension).  I’m constantly gratified by people’s stories of how that book has been their launching point into the world of Power BI, and by their variety of backgrounds (Accountants, Auditors, CEOs, Developers, Interns, Project Managers…etc.)

But a lot has changed in the 3+ years since the book was written.  DAX and Power Pivot themselves have received some significant upgrades.  Power BI Desktop has emerged on the scene, as well as  And just as significantly, we have grown as teachers – both in our understanding of the toolset and in our ability to convey it to others.

So over the past several months, Avi and I have poured ourselves into writing the 2nd edition of that book.  The 2nd edition of the book features:

•    Current coverage of the Power BI landscape (Power BI Desktop, New DAX functions etc.)
•    Complete Edit of the whole book (400+ changes)
•    10 New Chapters: wholly new or completely re-written
•    Learning Community Support by regular webinars to discuss book chapters and Q&A with authors

Color?  From an Independent Publisher???

Avi and I both share a highly visual teaching style.  Visual explanations have the power to “defang” otherwise-difficult concepts:  explain them in text and they are intimidating and opaque, but a picture makes you go “oh, THAT’S all it is?  That’s not so hard at all!”

So our book would benefit from color printing more than most “technical” books.

But since we essentially self-publish our book, we need to figure out how to bear the higher startup costs of color printing.

We ask for your help – our fellow revolutionaries. Support us in our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo by pre-ordering book and other perks and help us print the book in full color.

The Perks

I LOVE sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.  A democratization of BI and Analytics goes quite well with a democratized, community-driven funding mechanism.

In exchange for your support, you will receive your copy of the book LONG before Amazon will have them, whether you live in the US or elsewhere.

But additionally, remember those designs we tested out a few weeks back?  Those are also included as bonus perks…

These exclusive items will make you the envy of data nerds everywhere

All our perk levels are setup in stair-step fashion (cumulative manner), i.e. a higher level perk always includes all lower levels. As shown in this matrix:-

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“Beta Test” the New Reference Card?

Post by Rob Collie RefCard Pt 2: Captures/Condenses Important Tips & Fundamentals from Our Years of Teaching(Five “Sides” Pictured Above, Sixth “Side” is Still in Development) PDF Preview Available Later This Month Short Version:  drop us an email at the address below, and later this month we will send you a preview of the new reference card in PDF format. Drop Us a Note to Get Your Preview Copy “Completing” the First Ref Card Creating the first reference card might…

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