Two Hours To Change Your Business (Or Job. Or Life.)

Two Hours to Change Your Business (Or Job. Or Life.)

Two Hours. Data Superpowers.  Victory.  Not Kidding. A New Way.  Tearing Down Old Paradigms. Folks, today I want to share a source of personal pride – literally share it, and make sure YOU experience it.  I saw something, back in 2010, that changed my career (and life) forever:  I saw the Power Pivot v1 product in action, as I re-implemented a project that I’d paid $50k for originally in 2005, using a traditional BI methodology.  In 2010 I re-built it,…

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Job Opportunities In Seattle Area!

Job Opportunities in Seattle Area!

Join the PowerPivotPro Team! As part of our growth process, we at PowerPivotPro are pleased to say that we’d like to add at least one new team member in the Seattle area. This would mean working closely with me, Avi, and the rest of the team (several of whom are in Seattle), as well as with clients in the Seattle area. And yes, you’d spend your days doing revolutionary work with Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power BI If you’re…

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Power Pivot/Power BI Job Opportunity in Seattle Area

Is this you? We have been working through the applicants who filled out our Mini-Application Form for PowerPivotPro jobs. We will soon be unveiling a “Helpdesk” model which would connect skilled Power Pivot/Power BI professionals with companies that share the vision of new data revolution. Aside from that, we are looking to fill an open position in the Seattle/Puget Sound area and are looking for local candidates (Sorry, no relo or telecommuting). See details for the role below. If you…

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Would You Like to Join Our Team in 2015?

Post by Rob Collie Do You Have the “Data Gene?”  Know Your Way Around Power Pivot? We’re Looking for You in 2015! Hi folks, we’ve done this a number of times on behalf of our clients, but never before have we solicited resumes for PowerPivotPro itself. Well, I think that changes in 2015. Now, to be perfectly clear, we’re not hiring immediately, nor are we 100% certain yet on what kinds of positions we will be filling.  (Nor how many…

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Power Pivot Job Opp in Washington DC Area

Post by Rob Collie Is This You? Join one of Microsoft’s Most Progressive-Thinking Customers My friends in Microsoft’s Mid-Atlantic region have asked us to help connect one of their customers with Power Pivot talent. And, you know us.  We like this sort of thing High-level details: Washington DC Area. Little or no travel required. Power Pivot skills a must.  Broader knowledge of the Power BI stack a plus (but not a must – the rest of the stack is quick…

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Power Pivot Job Opening in Baltimore Area

 Always happy to post these Avesis is a managed care organization located outside of Baltimore, MD.  We specialize in vision, dental, and hearing plans in the government and private sectors.  Avesis covers over 7 million lives nationally.  Recently we made the decision to utilize Microsoft BI for our dashboarding efforts.  As part of this exciting project we are looking to bring in business analysts with experience with PowerPivot and PowerView.  The more experience the better.  We are very dedicated to…

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A Few *IDEAL* Power Pivot Job Openings

Everyone run for the hills, Rob found a Fight Club font.  No image is safe from here on out.Last night I was talking to my friend Neelesh Raheja.  We were overdue for a “touch base/compare notes” session, so when the phone rang and I saw his number, I knew it was “on.”

First – Who is Neelesh? 

Neelesh works for GNet Group and is a hardcore BI pro.  I mean, he has all the pedigrees.  Name an acronym and he speaks it fluently.  SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, ETL, EDW, PPS, ECS, EWA, EPM, MDM – the list goes on.  So if Traditional BI were a martial art, Neelesh would be a black belt.

But Neelesh is Different.  Like Tyler Durden, he has the ability of letting That Which Does Not Matter, Truly Slide.  In other words, he doesn’t care where we’ve Been.  He cares about where we’re Going.  He doesn’t view Power Pivot as “just another technology.”  He understands it as a total paradigm shift, a fundamental change in the way everything can and should be done.

Tellingly, I can’t provoke Neelesh like I sometimes do with the larger BI community.  If I say something inflammatory like “Data Warehousing is widespread dysfunction,” Neelesh smiles and says “yeah Rob we know.”  At which point I sit back in my chair and say “go ON…”

So all the “revolutionary” stuff I’ve been preaching for a few years now?  GNet is already DOING that stuff at big clients.  In fact I think they are even less “apologetic” about it than I am.  He’s seen the same future I’ve seen, but he’s bringing it to Big Corporate America every day, top-down through IT, whereas my “vector” is bottom-up, through the Excel Pro.

GNet Needs a Power. Pivot. Platoon.

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PowerPivot Jobs

 This is the sort of thing I am seeing with increasing frequency these days:  jobs specifically created around a PowerPivot state of mind Longtime reader David Napoli has convinced his organization that it’s time to invest in PowerPivot, and that means hiring some talent. One position is a full time data analyst with a salary range that varies based on experience.  You don’t have to currently be a monster PowerPivot Pro to apply – just willing to learn.  (And if…

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