Would You Like to Join Our Team in 2015?

January 6, 2015

Post by Rob Collie


Do You Have the “Data Gene?”  Know Your Way Around Power Pivot?
We’re Looking for You in 2015!

Hi folks, we’ve done this a number of times on behalf of our clients, but never before have we solicited resumes for PowerPivotPro itself.

Well, I think that changes in 2015.

Now, to be perfectly clear, we’re not hiring immediately, nor are we 100% certain yet on what kinds of positions we will be filling.  (Nor how many team members we will add).

But I’m confident that we WILL be growing the team this year, and I’d like to start getting a sense of who is out there that would be interested.

So, if you’re even curious about what this might look like, click below and fill out our mini-application form:

Me?  Yeah, I Like Changing the World!  :)

Power Pivot Job Opp in Washington DC Area

October 27, 2014

Post by Rob Collie


Is This You?

Join one of Microsoft’s Most Progressive-Thinking Customers

My friends in Microsoft’s Mid-Atlantic region have asked us to help connect one of their customers with Power Pivot talent.

And, you know us.  We like this sort of thing Smile

High-level details:

  1. Washington DC Area.
  2. Little or no travel required.
  3. Power Pivot skills a must.  Broader knowledge of the Power BI stack a plus (but not a must – the rest of the stack is quick to pick up).
  4. Strong communication skills and ability to understand the human/biz side of the equation.
  5. Ready to change the rules of the game & revolutionize the world of data (OK, I added this.)

Drop us an email at careers@powerpivotpro.com with resume, CV, and/or questions.

Power Pivot Job Opening in Baltimore Area

February 3, 2014

Always happy to post these Smile

Avesis is a managed care organization located outside of Baltimore, MD.  We specialize in vision, dental, and hearing plans in the government and private sectors.  Avesis covers over 7 million lives nationally. 

Recently we made the decision to utilize Microsoft BI for our dashboarding efforts.  As part of this exciting project we are looking to bring in business analysts with experience with PowerPivot and PowerView.  The more experience the better.  We are very dedicated to the idea of making our data transparent and building a smarter company.  Our project will be focused on making dashboards for our executive team and publishing them via our SharePoint 2013 farm. For additional information please contact Brad Mendelson, Senior Business Analyst at Avesis, at bmendelson@avesis.com

A Few *IDEAL* Power Pivot Job Openings

November 13, 2013

Everyone run for the hills, Rob found a Fight Club font.  No image is safe from here on out.Last night I was talking to my friend Neelesh Raheja.  We were overdue for a “touch base/compare notes” session, so when the phone rang and I saw his number, I knew it was “on.”

First – Who is Neelesh? 

Neelesh works for GNet Group and is a hardcore BI pro.  I mean, he has all the pedigrees.  Name an acronym and he speaks it fluently.  SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, ETL, EDW, PPS, ECS, EWA, EPM, MDM – the list goes on.  So if Traditional BI were a martial art, Neelesh would be a black belt.

But Neelesh is Different.  Like Tyler Durden, he has the ability of letting That Which Does Not Matter, Truly Slide.  In other words, he doesn’t care where we’ve Been.  He cares about where we’re Going.  He doesn’t view Power Pivot as “just another technology.”  He understands it as a total paradigm shift, a fundamental change in the way everything can and should be done.

Tellingly, I can’t provoke Neelesh like I sometimes do with the larger BI community.  If I say something inflammatory like “Data Warehousing is widespread dysfunction,” Neelesh smiles and says “yeah Rob we know.”  At which point I sit back in my chair and say “go ON…”

So all the “revolutionary” stuff I’ve been preaching for a few years now?  GNet is already DOING that stuff at big clients.  In fact I think they are even less “apologetic” about it than I am.  He’s seen the same future I’ve seen, but he’s bringing it to Big Corporate America every day, top-down through IT, whereas my “vector” is bottom-up, through the Excel Pro.

GNet Needs a Power. Pivot. Platoon.

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PowerPivot Jobs

July 19, 2013

This is the sort of thing I am seeing with increasing frequency these days:  jobs specifically created around a PowerPivot state of mind Smile

Longtime reader David Napoli has convinced his organization that it’s time to invest in PowerPivot, and that means hiring some talent.

One position is a full time data analyst with a salary range that varies based on experience. 

You don’t have to currently be a monster PowerPivot Pro to apply – just willing to learn.  (And if I may editorialize just a bit:  if you are already strong with the PowerPivot Force, you may be able to negotiate a higher salary – you don’t know if you don’t ask.  I would expect people who are comfortable implementing everything in my book, for instance, to command starting salaries in six figures.)

The other job is a contract position focused on the backend / database side of things – in other words, the data analyst’s new best friend.

Neither position requires relocation as long as you are in the USA.

The job descriptions are available here:

PowerPivot Data Analyst

Backend Architect

If interested in learning more, contact d.napoli@interactivehealthinc.com

Friday Bonus: Database Pros In Demand

January 4, 2013


In a PowerPivot Environment, A Single DB Pro
Can Empower MANY PowerPivot Pros

Short Version:  Job Openings in the UK for SQL Pros

I’ve recently been asked to post about some opportunities for SQL pros in the UK – opportunities in which qualified candidates would be working closely with Excel Pros in a PowerPivot environment.  A situation that closely resembles what it’s like to work as a SQL pro at Pivotstream, or as a SQL pro working at virtually any of my training clients (who end up implementing similar collaborative systems).

Scroll to the end of this post for the details, but first, I want to provide some context – both for interested candidates as well as for all readers.

Better With a Database:  a Recurring Theme

For a long time now, I’ve been saying that you can get a LOT more out of PowerPivot if you pair it with a database.  For reference, see the following posts:

  1. Self Service BI Doesn’t Mean Desktop Standalone BI (one of my most popular all-time posts, at least in certain circles)
  2. Better With a Database Part One
  3. Better With a Database Part Two

The human element, and why “anthony” is becoming a noun

Stated even more clearly, an Excel Pro can achieve much better results when they collaborate with a Database Pro.  (Yes, sometimes they can be the same person, but generally speaking, the skillsets are distinct).

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Job openings on PDW team at MS in California

December 4, 2012

Got an email from an old friend over the weekend who is looking to hire some folks.  I generally love nothing more than posting job opportunities in the data realm, so here goes Smile

Richard Tkachuk, who some of you might know from his previous incarnation as a member of the Analysis Services team, landed in southern California a few years ago to help deliver the SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse appliance. He’s absolutely dying trying to hire talented program managers to help build the future of big data on distributed systems – on both on-premise appliances and in the cloud.  

So if you live in southern California or want to, have a proven track record of delivering solutions in this area, love big data and the kind hardware it lives on, shoot him a note at richtk@microsoft.com.

Having fun? It’s absolutely crazy here. We’re just wrapping up our second major version of SQL PDW and looking at what’s next. Business good and looks to take off. So we’re staffing up across disciplines – so if you know of someone personally that might be interested, I’d love a reference. You likely know this – it’s super difficult finding someone talented enough to help us and strengthen the team.



Insight as a Service – Your Next Career?

June 19, 2012

McKinsey Report on How "Ripe" Various Industries are for IaaS (I disagree about some of these)

Is Your Brain More Valuable Than You Know?

***Update: May 2015

This article is now three years old.  I’ve been gone from my last company now for more than two years, and the world has changed a LOT since then.  We now have MANY options for publishing Power Pivot insight on the web, and I no longer endorse my former company as a hosting choice – we had, shall we say, religious difference over how to treat customers.  That said, the idea of IaaS is more alive and viable than ever.  More tech options for publishing = easier to get into the game.

A Hot New Industry that Could (Should!) Be Dominated By Excel Pros

I read an interesting article the other day about a new type of Cloud Business Intelligence dubbed “Insight as a Service” (IaaS).

If you’re a BI Pro I recommend you read it carefully. If you’re an Excel Pro I recommend you give it a quick skim just to get the flavor of it.  It’s a good article.  Well-written, thoughtful, and imbued with the author’s experience (and as a venture capitalist, his experience reflects a broad cross-section of industries and firms).

But ironically, I believe that IaaS is MUCH more relevant to the Excel Pro than the BI Pro.  Most Excel pros are already in the IaaS business, but it just isn’t called that.

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Full Time PowerPivot Pro Needed in Philly

May 31, 2012

PowerPivot job opportunity:  One of our Cloud PowerPivot customers is looking to hire a full-time PowerPivot professional in the Philadelphia area.  If you are interested, please drop me a note and I will connect you.

Also, if you are yourself also looking to hire a PowerPivot pro, I’m happy to serve as a virtual “job board” and make a similar post on your behalf, just let me know.  I’m rob.  At a place called PowerPivotPro.  Dot com.

Mini-Post 1 of 4: PowerPivot Pro Needed in Denmark!

November 3, 2011

We’re gonna do something different for this Thursday and clear out a number of “small” topics that have been piling up.  Each gets its own “mini post” because they have nothing to do with one another.

image  imageimage

From Left to Right:  The Country of Denmark, PowerPivotPro in Denmark in 2003,
Mysterious PowerPivot Pro in Denmark – Is This You?

I love stuff like this.  I’ve been contacted by a large organization in Denmark who wants to hire a PowerPivot professional, full time.  My understanding is that this role is not just about applying PowerPivot, but also about leading a PowerPivot revolution. 

Someone with a solid Excel background who has made the transition to PowerPivot, who can advise the larger organization on how to get the most of it, who can teach other Excel pros how to adopt it, etc.  If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile and thinking “Rob is one lucky devil to do what he does,” and you live in Denmark, please drop me a note:  info@pivotstream.com

I expect to be seeing a lot more of this sort of thing going forward, so I’ve even added a new Category to the blog – Job Opportunities.  It’s time folks.