New Version of Data Explorer Released

 Quick post today, as I am travelling again.  PowerPivot’s version of Tyler Durden If you installed Data Explorer a couple weeks back, go look at your Data Explorer ribbon tab today: This “Update” Button “Lit Up” Last Week – Click It (I already did, so mine is now disabled again) That will launch you into a surprisingly painless update.  Pretty nifty. New Features They added support for a few new data source types: Azure HDInsight – the MS cloud version…

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“Introducing” Data Explorer


In My Opinion, There Aren’t Many Things More Exciting Than a New Ribbon Tab Full of Goodies
(And One That I Can Add to Excel 2010 or 2013 – I Hear That’s Important for Some Reason)

Maybe There’s a Future in this “Numbers” Thing…

It does seem like Microsoft has figured out that data is a big deal.  Every time I turn around, I am hearing of a new software development team joining Microsoft’s efforts in the Excel/BI/Overall Data Crunching space.

Often, such teams are merely whispers – shadowy rumors on the wind.  Friends disappear from their familiar roles and reappear in places they can’t talk about.

Other times, someone new to me walks up and just hands me a piece of nearly-finished software.

This is one of those latter cases.

Some Highlights

I don’t have time for a full tour today, and honestly I haven’t even explored all of the functionality yet.  So let’s hit some highlights shall we?

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