Nashville Modern Excel UG Meeting–THIS Thursday!


All Right Music City!  Let’s Go!
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Please join us for the inaugural meeting of the Nashville Modern Excel User Group.  Agenda:

1. Exclusive video intro from Rob Collie (former Microsoft engineering leader and founder of PowerPivotPro) – Why Now, What IS “New Excel,” the MASSIVE Opportunities Awaiting, and a Map to the Road Ahead.

2. Meet and greet – meet your fellow Excel professionals from the Nashville area.  You will be surprised at how “Not Alone” you are.

3. Discussion led by Will Harvey – who drove 4 hours to the Atlanta meeting last year (!) – covering things like:  Where are you on the roadmap?  What are the challenges to making progress?  What would you like to see from the group?

Revitalize your career.  Win with data.

6 Responses to Nashville Modern Excel UG Meeting–THIS Thursday!

  1. Oz du Soleil says:

    HELL YEAH! Go Nashville!

  2. Nathan King says:

    Great! I’m in Nashville and am glad to learn about this. But the link on this page is to an image. The registration link is here:

  3. Marty Widick says:

    I just came back from this event, great info! Looking forward to future events. Glad I didn’t get washed away though!!! Good Job!

  4. Will Harvey says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, Marty! Rob, thanks for your support! We had several people sign up after you posted this. :)

  5. Libby Eaton says:

    I enjoyed it too. I’m more of an “Advanced Beginner”, but I didn’t feel intimidated. I think it will be a great place to learn and to expand my skill set. Good job, Will!

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