Do You Use Dynamics NAV (Navision?)

I’ve been asked by a reader to see who else is out there that is using MS Dynamics Navision, and either a) already using Power Pivot to analyze that data  or b) are considering it.

If you or your organization fit that description, drop me a note at this address:

In the mail, please answer the following brief questions:

  1. Which Dynamics NAV Version are you using?
  2. Does your version run on SQL Server or the “native” data store?
  3. What does your organization “track” in NAV?  (Sales, purchases, etc.)

No one is going to try to sell you anything, nor will I publish/share your information.  I’ll provide more details when I hear from you.

2 Responses to Do You Use Dynamics NAV (Navision?)

  1. Clive Parker says:

    Rob, I thought I replied to you a few months ago – didn’t hear anything. We are using Nav 2009 Classical with SQL data base. I use power Pivot to extract and analyze data. I have hardly scratched the surface but it is most useful! I am working my way through your most valuable book and Chandoo’s courses. Thanks for your great work.. Clive

  2. Brent Pearce says:

    Would you mind sharing some of your insights – such as what tables you typically pull from to populate your PowerPivot data models?

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