User Group Interest: All Maps So Far (Monday Mini-post #3)

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(My first ‘”production” use of Power View, by the way)

183 total responses so far.  Cleveland and SoCal are now ready in my opinion (joining Boston, Cincy/Dayton, Milwaukee/Madison, Seattle, and Atlanta).  New York, Dallas, and Indianapolis are getting close.  NorCal and Denver each really just need an organizer. 

Outside the US, Sydney, Singapore, London, and Buenos Aires are getting close.

I don’t see critical mass of responses from Europe yet – are user groups not “a thing” in Europe?  (I do know that lots of people are using PowerPivot in Europe so I expect more responses over time.)

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5 Responses to User Group Interest: All Maps So Far (Monday Mini-post #3)

  1. Karel Moijson says:

    Crazy, no critical mass in Brussels, the heart of Europe! :-)

    I’m a BI architect & Excel guru, with a focus on business software, (10Y+ experience), volunteering for the Brussels area! Let’s activate this community.

  2. Bob Phillips says:

    Where is that brown bubble in France over the ns of Channel, and that blue bubble in England below London?

  3. Bob Phillips says:

    Yeah, Jersey is cool. I registered Southampton, does no bubble means there aren’t enough people?

    • powerpivotpro says:

      A bubble is a person. So no bubble means Power View / Bing aren’t recognizing your location :(

      I just checked and it turns out that Europe in general is “losing” a lot of dots. I made a formula change though and restored many such dots. Look for an update soon :)

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