PowerPivot User Groups! (Mini-Post #2)

 PowerPivot User Groups

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I just spent three days training a wonderful team of Excel pros who are up to their eyeballs in data.

Even though I play the role of “expert” on trips like that, I still learn new things everywhere I go.  Sometimes, I learn things that I already “knew,” but didn’t really “know.”  If you know what I mean.

For instance, great question this week:  “Are there PowerPivot user groups?  If there are, I think we would all attend.”

I talk about this all the time.  SQL pros have user groups that meet on weekday evenings, and they have SQL Saturdays which almost always “sell out” (they are free).  SharePoint pros have the same things – weekday user groups and SharePoint Saturdays.

So for a few years I’ve essentially been whining about this – how Excel has no equivalent community.  This week’s question showed me that it’s time to just get up off the bench and get this started.  The world is ready for it.  PowerPivot is the reason to cut your fingernails, in Fight Club terms.

So let’s do it.  Please take this short survey and we’ll see which cities are ready to get started immediately.

Click here to register your interest in a User Group in Your Area

10 Responses to PowerPivot User Groups! (Mini-Post #2)

  1. Should I enter the city where I work, where I live, or the major city closest to me? For instance, I live and work in northern Kentucky, but I’m in the Cincinnati metro area. Maybe an extra box for closest metro, too?

    • powerpivotpro says:

      Pick the city where you think the user group would make the most sense (for you and for others). Also, if you truly have multiple answers for that question, you can fill it out twice. (I didn’t restrict the survey to one response per person or computer.)

  2. Amy Jarrow says:

    Would you consider attending one of the new User Group meetings as a guest?

    • powerpivotpro says:

      yes of course :)

      depending on how many get started though it may be cost prohibitive for me to travel all over. at bare minimum i’d be willing to video call in and help kick things off :)

  3. timrodman says:

    Rob, I’m not sure we can do this since there isn’t a day of the week that begins with “P”. If there are SQL Saturdays and SharePoint Saturdays, how could we have a day for PowerPivot?

  4. David Knopf says:

    Rob… Great Idea… Thanks for initiating this!

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