Chandoo’s “Excel Love” Spring US Tour!


The Chandoo Tour Bus:  Rolling Into Chicago, NYC,
Washington DC, and Columbus this May and June!

Excel and PowerPivot Masterclasses!

The one and only Chandoo is coming to the USA this Spring to teach some of his signature two-day  “masterclasses” on Advanced Excel and Dashboards, as well as a first-ever edition of PowerPivot and Data Analysis.

I’m particularly excited by that last one, as he’s invited me to teach it in conjunction with him!  That’s gonna be pretty damn cool – a “dueling pianos” format seems to be in order Smile.  

Class Dates

Note that these are all Thursday/Friday classes, except for the Columbus Dashboard class, which is Tuesday/Wednesday (followed by PowerPivot class on the same Thursday/Friday).

  • Chicago May 30-31 – Advanced Excel and Dashboards
  • New York June 6-7 – Advanced Excel and Dashboards
  • Washington DC June 13-14 – Advanced Excel and Dashboards
  • Columbus OH June 18-19 – Advanced Excel and Dashboards
  • Columbus OH June 20-21 – PowerPivot and Data Analysis (co-taught by me)

Pricing and Discounts

Cost is $1000 per class until May 8th and $1200 afterward.

If you register for both Columbus classes you will get a 10% discount on total class fees.

If you register 3 or more participants for any combination of classes you will save 20% on total class fees.

Click Here for More Information or to Register

“The Chandoo Effect” – Art Meets Science

I’m also personally excited that I’m finally going to get to meet this guy.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone blend the “left brain” Excel skills with the human-oriented, right brain, “mammalian” side quite as well as he manages.  That second aspect is reflected both in the effectiveness of his teaching AND just how everything he makes in Excel looks fantastic.

Art blended with science.  Like van Gogh.  I went looking for an image from his site to demonstrate this, and immediately found something I did not expect:


Only from Chandoo:  An Excel tag cloud in the shape of a heart.
(I found this AFTER I made the mini-bus image above!)
(Oh and the colors are perfect, as typical with his stuff.)

That’s awesome.  I rest my case.

4 Responses to Chandoo’s “Excel Love” Spring US Tour!

  1. If this were a tour bus for an Excel/PowerPivot singing group, what would the name of the group be?

  2. dan l says:

    Well, assuming it’s a boy band, it would be called “Circular Reference”.

    Sadly, I don’t think 1k is in the budget this year.

  3. John O'Connor says:

    Now if we could just get you to come to the mountains of Missoula!

  4. James Pace says:

    Excel Fans,

    My name is James Pace and I am a MBA student at Brigham Young University. I am doing a marketing project on Excel and would like to interview people, in person or through video chat, to obtain Excel consumer insights from the Excel love group. If you love Excel and would be willing to share your thoughts and feelings about Excel, would you please let me know?

    Best regards,

    James Pace
    MBA Class of 2015
    BYU Marriott School of Management

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