Did Someone Say Big Data?

Visualizing "Big Data," heh heh

How Did I Not Think of THIS Until Today???


It’s Wednesday night and I’m about to board an overnight flight home.  Except… said overnight flight doesn’t actually get me home.  It gets me to the NEXT airport, where I get to wait 90 minutes for my NEXT flight.  And THAT one gets me home.  So I’m kinda gonna be a disaster tomorrow.

GREAT meetings this week though that got me one step closer to being able to reveal my next adventure.  I look forward to that day with great anticipation, and it now feels a lot closer.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime this is going to have to pass for my post today.  I hope it makes you giggle Smile

And remember, Big Data is just another place where Excel pros are becoming increasingly relevant thanks to our PowerPivot-turbocharged toolset.

Either that, or it’s a Statue-of-Liberty-sized Brent Spiner.

5 Responses to Did Someone Say Big Data?

  1. Yes, it did get a snicker out of me, which is hard to do, since I love my Snickers :-p

  2. For Excel pros, Big Data certainly is a big story, or should I say lore.

  3. Frederic Gilbert says:

    Stay tuned… We are listening

  4. Very funny pic.
    I WISH I thought of this first. Damn! It was right there in front of me!

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