Mini-post #3 of 3: Are You Using Excel 2013 Yet?

Quick poll:  are you using 2013 yet?  (Don’t worry if you are not – most of my computers are still running 2010 but I want to know how many of you have already taken the plunge).

5 Responses to Mini-post #3 of 3: Are You Using Excel 2013 Yet?

  1. gregkramer1 says:

    I’m using Excel 2013 at home and Excel 2003 at work…In the Midwest Excel 2003 is making a big comeback

  2. Brian says:

    Work and Home both use Office 2010. Thinking about getting Office 2013 through the Microsoft home use program.

  3. Eric Hutton says:

    I would really like to be switching to 2013, but I only have 2010 at the office (and for that I had to get special permission – everyone else is on 2007) – so I can’t switch any of my work to 2013 due to the incompatibility between PowerPivot versions (which I use for EVERYTHING).

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