Downgrading From PowerPivot v2 to v1

OK, let’s say you already installed v2, whether inadvertently or…  advertently.

And now you need to downgrade to v1, so that your workbooks function on your server, or can be opened by other people running v1 on their desktops.

So… how to do that?

The Obvious Thing Works for Most People

Simple:  just uninstall v2 (from Windows Control Panel) and then install v1.

But if you see this error when you try to build a new workbook, or open an old one, well, it’s not working out:

An operation that uses the database driver could not be completed - seen after downgrading PowerPivot v2 to v1.

What to do if you get that error?

1) Open Start Menu

2) Find “Command Prompt” – it is under Accessories

3) Right Click on Command Prompt, choose Run as Administrator

4) Once in the cmd window (looks like the old DOS window), type the following:

regsvr32 “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\AS OLEDB\10\msolap100.dll”

You may need to correct for your actual folder location – that’s the location on my machine.  The quotes ARE required.

7 Responses to Downgrading From PowerPivot v2 to v1

  1. Pozuelo says:

    Hi there

    Thanks for your post. Overall your website rocks !

    I’ve succesfully done what you described regarding the command prompt.
    But the issue is still the same when opening a spreadhseet created with powerpivot V1 but unfortunatelly upgraded with Powerpivot V2 (before uninstalling V2). Any idea ?


  2. Pozuelo says:

    May I ask you what are the major risks to work with V2. I have to say that our databases / servers are on SQL 2005 actually (sorry I’m not an IT guy, but just an user of powerpivot for my job)

  3. Pozuelo says:

    Thanks a lot Powerpivot Master
    May I ask you what kind of compatibility issues you’re talking about. Say I’m the only one in my company using powerpivot, with links to a datawarehouse under SQL 2005, what kind of troubles might I be exposed to ?

    Thanks for any info

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