Couldn’t Resist… Parameterized PowerPivot Report!

In the intro to David’s guest post below I mentioned some new applications we are building.  Check out a PowerPivot report where, in the browser, you can type in a SKU number and get a full dashboard for just that product!

Parameterized PowerPivot Report in SharePoint

Click for Larger Version

Much respect to our resident Data Junkie Monkey, aka DJ Monkey, for pulling this together.

5 Responses to Couldn’t Resist… Parameterized PowerPivot Report!

  1. claire says:

    initially read that as “DJ Money.” Eyes are getting bad. This is awesome though!

  2. viduruwan says:

    Could tell me how to create a parameterlized power pivot report

    I’m also trying to do it

  3. Javier Recasens says:


  4. Hi, love the examples on this site. I can’t find any links though to live versions where we can play with the data via the browser though, rather than just screenshots. I know there are demos on powerpivot website, but your examples are much easier on the eye!

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