US Meteorological Data

Kasper asked me to share a pointer to the US weather data I used in the mashup example I posted last night (when I revised the “What is PowerPivot” post – sorry if you only saw v1).  I figure others may be curious too, so I’ll share here rather than in comments.

I did quite a bit of cleaning/shaping (in Excel) on that data before I was able to use it.  Rather than be cruel and say “that’s an exercise for the reader, here’s the website, good luck,” I’ll share the workbook I used for cleaning it, and include some explanatory comments so you can follow what I did.

You’ll have to rename this file to be .xlsx, because WordPress doesn’t let me upload Excel files… which is just incredibly poor judgment on their part, as I’m sure you will all agree :)

Click here to download the data

2 Responses to US Meteorological Data

  1. Thank you very much, I have a PowerPivot demo coming up and will surely use this to show the power of PowerPivot.

  2. My pleasure, happy to help :)

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