What Is Driving My Sales $ Increase?

What is Driving my Sales $ Increase?

I LOVE Pivot Tables – they are (in my view) the best aggregation tool available to the data analyst today.  However sometimes when you aggregate your data, you find yourself at a point where you can’t see the trees for the forest.  If this happens, you really need to start to disaggregate your data into the component parts that are driving the overall result.  In my post today I take typical business scenario looking at the change in sales $…

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Movers And Fakers: Spotting Outlier Performance In Power Pivot / Power BI

Movers and Fakers: Spotting Outlier Performance in Power Pivot / Power BI

Out of 407 Total Combinations of Subcategory and Region, These 8 Stand Out This Month (These 8 Combinations Differed GREATLY from their Respective 12-month Averages) A Post Long in the Thinking: Formulas that “Scan” (What’s this, you say?  An actual “how-to” post from Rob?  Well YEAH, it was about time!) DAX is fantastic at calculating numbers for us, and producing metrics that drop jaws all over the world.  It is, quite simply, The Best Thing Ever.  You want an all-up…

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Roundtable: Better IT/Biz Relations In The Power BI Era

Roundtable: Better IT/Biz Relations in the Power BI Era

New Feature: Roundtable Welcome to an experimental new feature here at PowerPivotPro, where members of the team discuss various topics related to Power BI, Power Pivot, and Analytics/BI in general.  These conversations take place during the week on our Slack channel, and are then lightly edited for publishing on Friday. This Week’s Topic: Better IT/Biz Relations, Data Access, and “Selling” Power BI / Power Pivot Internally ROB: OK Austin and Kellan, we’ve been dying to do this for awhile. In…

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Nerds-Turned-Bullies, The Rise Of The Brogrammer, And Are Analytics Good For SQL People?

Nerds-Turned-Bullies, the Rise of the Brogrammer, and Are Analytics Good for SQL People?

Don’t Do This.  And Don’t Stand for it Either. The Greatest Treason? Today I want to go off-topic just a little bit, but in a way that I think is relevant to many of us as professionals.  And then bring it home, so to speak, specifically at the intersection of Analytics and Databases. To me, there are few treasons greater than spending time on the receiving end of abuse, learning firsthand what that abuse feels like, and then subsequently becoming…

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Designing For Usability In Power Pivot And Power BI

Designing for Usability in Power Pivot and Power BI

Usability Can your data model (Power Pivot or Power BI) easily be used by 100s of users? Is your model fairly intuitive to understand for the end-user even with little or no training? Usability may be the key to achieving the Self-Service BI nirvana. The very first Power Pivot model that I had designed… Number of users I expected to use my first Power Pivot Model    1 (myself) Number of users that actually ended up using the model   …

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Two Hours To Change Your Business (Or Job. Or Life.)

Two Hours to Change Your Business (Or Job. Or Life.)

Two Hours. Data Superpowers.  Victory.  Not Kidding. A New Way.  Tearing Down Old Paradigms. Folks, today I want to share a source of personal pride – literally share it, and make sure YOU experience it.  I saw something, back in 2010, that changed my career (and life) forever:  I saw the Power Pivot v1 product in action, as I re-implemented a project that I’d paid $50k for originally in 2005, using a traditional BI methodology.  In 2010 I re-built it,…

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Atlanta Needs You: Speak At The User Group Reboot

Atlanta Needs You: Speak at the User Group Reboot

Hi folks!  Next week, on Wednesday May 18th, Atlanta is going to reconvene the Modern Excel User Group. Due to some scheduling shuffles, our own Austin Senseman, who was originally going to be the speaker, now needs to be elsewhere, and I promised to help find his replacement. If you’re interested in helping out, please leave us a comment on this post and we will be in touch ASAP! Thanks!

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Trending And Smoothing At PASS BA Conference 2016

Trending and Smoothing at PASS BA Conference 2016

Level: Intermediate Last week I attended the 2016 PASS Business Analytics Conference in San Jose.  I attended my first BA Conference last year and had a blast - this year was equally as good.   However I had a really interesting week in the lead up to this year’s conference.  As you may have read last week, Rob had a mishap a couple of weeks ago that has left him less mobile than he would like.  Seriously, I have seen the…

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